Scholar of children’s literature and comics. Best-known for work on radical and anti-racist children’s literature, Crockett Johnson, and Dr. Seuss – especially Was the Cat in the Hat Black?


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Crockett Johnson

Learn about the creator of Barnaby and Harold and the Purple Crayon via my (archived) Crockett Johnson Homepage and other writings.

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  • Reflections on Paul Auster (1947-2024)
    I remember when I fell into the work of Paul Auster. Because that’s also when I fell for his books. After reading City of Glass (1985) in my Honors English class in the fall of 1991, I then read the other two books in his New York Trilogy: Ghosts (1986) and The Locked Room (1986).
  • Two Calls for Papers: American Studies Association 2024
    BOTH DEADLINES EXTENDED: Friday, 2 February 2024 TWO Calls for Papers: American Studies Association 2024 (Baltimore, November 14-17) 1: Children as Medical Subjects This Children and Youth Studies Caucus-sponsored panel seeks papers that consider the role of children and childhood in histories of medicine. From experiments across medical, scientific, and social scientific disciplines to issues of
  • Defend the Right to Read: Resources for Opposing Book Bans
    Here are some resources for supporting public libraries and defending everyone’s right to read freely. I assembled them for the “Censoring Children’s Literature” class I taught last semester, and am sharing them now in connection with the Modern Language Association panel “Drag Queens, Stories about Black People, and Other Dangers,” held in the Liberty Room