Please read this first: I am not a public utility. I am an employee of a (nominally) public university, true. But that doesn’t grant everyone unfettered access to my time or expertise. It’s not that I don’t want to help. I do! I actually feel guilty about not replying to every email I get. (That’s one reason I’m writing this FAQ.) And I used to try to respond to everyone. However, I’ve learned that it’s impossible to answer all requests and do my job. Robin Bernstein wrote a great essay on this subject. Though the audience for the piece is her fellow academics, I recommend it.

And now, a few answers to some general questions.

Please skip ahead to the category that best describes you:

My Students (current or former)

Check the FAQ on our course syllabus. Most questions are addressed there. But, if not, drop me a line – ideally via Canvas, but email’s a-OK too.

If it’s during the summer (i.e., not during the fall or spring term), then please keep in mind that I am not employed by Kansas State University during the summer. You may not get an immediate reply.

Other Students / General Queries

Some general advice: I won’t do your homework for you. I have work of my own to do. There are many resources you can consult – in libraries and on the web. Start there.


Seeking Me as a Speaker

Publishing Advice