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I’d like to thank those who’ve provided a link to the Crockett Johnson Homepage, and to extend a generous round of applause to people who’ve been particularly helpful in locating information about Crockett Johnson and his many works. The “Researchers of Renown” list includes many who have (a) helped locate sources for, (b) consented to an interview for, or (c) otherwise contributed to my biography of Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss (published in 2012) and, as such, constitutes an early version of the biography’s “Acknowledgments” page. So, to all of you: thanks!

Researchers of Renown: Monica Langley; Dan Clowes; Paul Fernbach; David Turner; Molly Butler; Ivan Ulz; Bob Levin; Linda Nel; Jan Susina; Terri Goldich and Wendy Hennequin (of the Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut, Storrs); Peggy Kidwell (Smithsonian Institution); J. B. Stroud; Leena Reiman; Dennis Duarte; Gloria Hardman; Dee Jones (de Grummond Collection, University of Southern Mississippi); Susan B. Obel (Theatreworks USA); Bill McCann; Marsha Williams; Brian Tucker; Bill Slankard; Rick NorwoodStewart I. Edelstein and Monte E. Frank (Estate of Ruth Krauss); Matt Dunne; Tim Samuelson; Leonard Marcus; Eric Nadworny; David Eyes; Anne Eyes; Tom Hopps; Gail Cathey; Bob and Helen McNell; Harriet McKissock; Bob E. 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Search List

Here’s a list of some people I’d like to interview, and some items I’m looking for (all items are by Crockett Johnson unless otherwise indicated):

2012: Forthcoming biography of Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss

I’ve recently (as of June 2010) finished writing a biography of Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss. That said, it’s not too late to revise the manuscript. So, if you knew Crockett Johnson or Ruth Krauss, ever received a letter from either of them, know something that I don’t, or have ideas to offer, please contact me. My email address is You may also write me at this address: Department of English, ECS Bldg., Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506-6501. The book’s likely publication date is 2012. The book was published in 2012.  So, below is a list of what I was seeking at the time.

  • People
    • Joanna Czaderna and Bianca CzadernaThanks to Lane Smith, made contact with Joanna Czaderna Wood in the fall of 2007. As of 11 February 2008, have spoken with both Bianca & Joanna.
    • John Lahr (author). His late father Bert played Mr. O’Malley in the “Barnaby” TV-movie. I have written John Lahr c/o the New Yorker, but have not heard from him. Do you know of another address I should use?
    • Ron Howard (director, actor). He played Barnaby in the “Barnaby” TV-movie. I’ve written him care of Imagine Entertainment. If there’s a better way to get in touch with Mr. Howard, please let me know.
  • Items
    • See the bibliography for more details on the items. And, in general, if you don’t see it on the bibliography, then I don’t know about it; if there’s no link on the bibliography page, then I’ve probably never seen a copy of it. If you come across any Johnson-related items — including those listed above, un-linked items from the bibliography page, or anything unfamiliar to me — please let me know. Thanks!
    • The 1924 yearbook for Newtown High School (Queens).
    • Cartoons Crockett Johnson did in support of the war effort, circa 1942-45. I’ve never seen these, but Crockett Johnson worked on the Committee on War Cartoons, according to a 15 Oct. 1943 letter from Palmer Hoyt, Director, Domestic Operations, Office of War Information, Washington, D.C. Johnson also contributed cartoons to Treasury Department publications, according to letters (dated 5 Dec. 1942 and 30 Mar. 1942) from the War Savings Staff of the (U.S.) Treasury Department, and a 22 March 1944 letter from Marjorie C. Groves, Feature Editor of the Treasury Department’s War Finance Division. Sept. 2005: I’ve found four of these, thanks to Sandy Schechter of Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art and to my own research at Archives II.
    • Free-lance work from the 1930s and 1940s, including any cartoons for The New Masses not included in “Crockett Johnson’s Early Work: A Bibliography.” (I have photocopies of the ones listed there.)
    • The “Little Man with the Eyes” cartoons, published in Collier’s between 1940 and 1943 (for an almost complete listing, see “Crockett Johnson’s Early Work: A Bibliography”). I have photocopies of all of these, and I have about thirty published cartoons, including the 13 in Collier’s Collects Its Wits (Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1941), and the ones in Collier’s of 6 April 1940, 27 April 1940, 4 May 1940, 25 May 1940, 8 June 1940, 6 July 1940, 13 July 1940, 10 Aug. 1940, 14 Sept. 1940, 25 Jan. 1941, 22 Feb. 1941, 5 April 1941, 17 May 1941, 31 May 1941, 14 June 1941, 20 Sept. 1941, 6 Dec. 1941, 3 Jan. 1942, 25 April 1942, 13 June 1942, 18 July 1942, 25 July 1942, and 3 Oct. 1942. If you have issues of Collier’s containing cartoons I don’t have, please let me know.
    • The color Sunday “Barnaby” published from the late 1940s to c. 1950.
    • Foreign-language versions of “Barnaby” (such as the Japanese or Italian translations).
    • A “popular song” based on “Barnaby”: Dennis Wepman’s entry on “Barnaby” in Maurice Horn’s 100 Years of Newspaper Comics (1996) mentions this item. Heard of it? Have a copy? Would you be willing to tape it for me? Please let me knowJune 2010: This is probably Bob Miller’s “Mr. O’Malley’s March” (1944). Though not a pop hit, it’s the only song that seems to fit this description.
    • The “Barnaby” TV-movie (a sitcom pilot, half-hour in length), starring Bert Lahr and Ron Howard, broadcast on CBS, 20 December 1959, 9-9:30 p.m. (Eastern Time). Does this exist on videotape? Has anyone seen it (either when it first aired or on videotape)?
    • The “Barnaby” TV pilot, produced by Norman Lear and Bud Yorkin (1966). Written by George Tibbles, and starring Sorrell Brooke as Mr. O’Malley. As far as I know, it never aired. Some information is on Kennedy’s TV SF Guide. Has anyone further information?
    • Pamphlets illustrated by Crockett Johnson, such as “Sister, You Need the Union…And the Union Needs You!” (UAW, 1944). Sept. 2005: I obtained For the People’s Health (1946) via eBay.
    • Though most of Johnson’s geometrical paintings are either in the Smithsonian or privately held, about seven of them went missing sometime between 1993 and 1999. Do you know where they are?

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