I have just learned (17 Sept. 2023) that this form is not working. So, while the general advice below is still good, don’t use the form. Just send me an email. The easiest way is to place “philnel” before a standard gmail address (the @, followed by “gmail,” followed by the dot and then “com”).

Let me begin with some general advice. Because there are only so many hours in a day…

  • If your contact request has no subject line, I may mistake it for spam and delete it unread.
  • If your contact request has a vague subject line, I may think that it’s spam and delete it. So, please be specific.
  • If your question is answered in the FAQ, I will delete your contact request.
  • If you’ve followed these guidelines but haven’t heard from me in 24 hours, please write again! I sometimes lose track of contact requests, and appreciate the reminder.