Brisbane: City of Free, Public Art

Coming from a U.S. state whose governor is working tirelessly to defund the arts, I’ve been delighted to see so much art in Brisbane, Australia – most of it at no cost to the visitor.  GoMA’s Surrealism exhibit requires a ticket, but the rest of the museum has no admission fee.  Back in the States, MoMA has a $20.00 admission fee.

But, in Brisbane, you can…

Brisbane sculpture: guitar pick grande

… carry a giant guitar pick on your back

Brisbane sculpture: great big ball

… kick a giant silver ball

Brisbane sculpture: spaceship in at city botanic gardens

… play peek-a-boo with a spaceship from the future

Brisbane sculpture: giant angular alien, from near art museum

… or dance with giant angular metal.

All at no cost to you!

And I failed to get a picture of the disemboweled mechanical kangaroos, but those are nifty, too.

Brisbane sculpture: kangaroo (photo by David Jackmanson)

Above photo by David Jackmason, webmaster of

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