Keywords for Children’s Literature 2.0, unboxed!

Tired of watching the coup attempt on TV? Well, here’s the unboxing video I planned to post today – announcing Keywords for Children’s Literature SECOND EDITION, which is now out from New York University Press. Its editors are me, Lissa Paul, and Nina Christensen.

And contributors? Well, take a look!

  1. Adult by Victoria Ford Smith
  2. Aesthetics by Joseph Thomas                                                     
  3. Affect by Louise Joy
  4. Agency by Nina Christensen
  5. Animal by Colleen Glenney Boggs
  6. Archive by Lissa Paul
  7. Audience by Beverly Lyon Clark
  8. Authenticity by Sarah Park Dahlen                                            
  9. Body by Kelly Hager
  10. Book by Patricia Crain
  11. Boyhood by Eric Tribunella            
  12. Childhood by Karen Sánchez-Eppler
  13. Children’s Literature by Peter Hunt
  14. Classic by Kenneth Kidd
  15. Crossover Literature by Sandra Beckett
  16. Culture by Richard Flynn
  17. Diaspora by Michelle Martin and B.J. McDaniel
  18. Didactic by Clémentine Beauvais
  19. Disability by Nicole Markotić
  20. Diversity by Ebony Elizabeth Thomas
  21. Domestic by Claudia Nelson                                                      
  22. Fairy Tale / Märchen by Vanessa Joosen
  23. Family by Elisabeth (Lies) Wesseling
  24. Fantasy by Deirdre Baker                                                           
  25. Gender by Elizabeth Marshall
  26. Genre by Karin E. Westman                                                       
  27. Girlhood by Jacqueline Reid-Walsh                                          
  28. Graphic Novel by Charles Hatfield                                            
  29. Home by Mavis Reimer                                                              
  30. Identity by Karen Coats
  31. Indigenous by Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair                        
  32. Innocence by Marah Gubar
  33. Intermedial by Ute Dettmar and Anna Stemmann
  34. Irony by Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer
  35. Liminality by Michael Joseph
  36. Media by Naomi Hamer
  37. Modernism by Kimberley Reynolds                                          
  38. Multicultural by Debra Dudek                                                  
  39. Nature by Peter Hollindale                                                         
  40. Nonsense by Michael Heyman and Kevin Shortsleeve
  41. Nostalgia by Boel Westin
  42. Performance by Robin Bernstein
  43. Picture Book by William Moebius
  44. Play by Stine Liv Johansen
  45. Poetry by JonArno Lawson
  46. Postcolonial by Clare Bradford                                                  
  47. Posthuman by Zoe Jaques
  48. Postmodernism by Philip Nel                                                    
  49. Queer by Kerry Mallan
  50. Race by Katharine Capshaw
  51. Realism by Cathryn M. Mercier
  52. Size by Lynne Vallone
  53. Story by Hugh Crago
  54. Taboo by Ã…se Marie Ommundsen                                              
  55. Trans by Derritt Mason
  56. Translation by Emer O’Sullivan
  57. Transnational by Evelyne Arizpe
  58. Trauma by Lydia Kokkola
  59. Voice by Mike Cadden

The following essays (which appear in the first edition) are now available online for free at – or they will be, once NYU Press updates its website for the second edition.

Good news! The book is available at an MLA discount right now!

THANK YOU to all contributors, my co-editors, our international advisory board, and everyone at New York University Press!

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