Accidental Experts: Strategy, Serendipity, and the Places You’ll Go! Free public lecture. Friday, Nov. 11, 2:10 pm

If you’ll be in (or near) Nashville on Friday 11th, Karin Westman and I are giving a free lecture: “Accidental Experts: Strategy, Serendipity, and the Places You’ll Go.”  We’ll talk about children’s literature (me on Dr. Seuss, Karin on Harry Potter), and about navigating academia.

When: 2:10 pm, Friday, November 11, 2011

Where: Vanderbilt University’s Buttrick Hall, room 309.

How Long: About an hour, with additional time for questions.

How Much: Free.

Here’s a pdf of the flyer they’ve created.  And, below, a jpeg of the same.  The flag motif is because — when we were graduate students at Vanderbilt — Karin specialized in British literature, and I in American literature.

Accidental Experts.  4pm, November 11, Vanderbilt University's Buttrick 309

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