Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss Biography. Appendix C: Assembly of Men and Women in the Arts Concerned with Vietnam

A month or so back, I posted the first and second omitted appendices from my forthcoming biography of Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss (2012).  At the risk of trying your patience, here is the third.

Its importance is Johnson and Krauss’s early opposition to the war in Vietnam.  Krauss’s name is not on this petition, but she’s on another one from 1965.  (This fact is especially notable because she was less likely to sign petitions than he was.)  Below, you’ll see other like-minded people, some of whom – Kay Boyle, Ad Reinhardt, Antonio Frasconi – were friends of Johnson and Krauss.

Appendix C

Assembly of Men and Women in the Arts, Concerned with Vietnam

723 ½ North La Cienega Boulevard — Room 203   657-2854

National Initiating Sponsors (Incomplete List)

[c. December 1964/January 1965]

Harold Altman, painter, Pa.

Oliver Andrews, sculptor, So. Calif.

Saul Bass, graphic artist, designer, So. Calif.

Maurice Becker, painter, cartoonist, NY

Heschel Bernardi, actor, NYC

Neil Blaine, painter, NYC

Kay Boyle, author, NYC

Ray Bradbury, author, So. Calif.

Joan Brown, painter, So. Calif.

Coleen Browning, painter, NYC

Benny Carter, composer, concert artist, So. Calif.

John Collier, author, NYC

Lucille Corcos, painter, NYC

Robert Dash, painter, NYC

Richard Diebenkorn, painter, So. Calif.

Leonard Edmondson, painter, So. Calif.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, writer, poet, No. Calif.

Mrs. Lion Feuchtwanger, So. Calif

Tully Filmus, painter, NY

Antonio Frasconi, graphic artist, Conn.

Gerald Fried, composer, So. Calif.

Sonia Gechtoff, painter, NYC

Allen Ginsberg, poet, NYC

Ernest Gold, composer, conductor, So. Calif.

Herbert Gold, author, No. Calif.

Les Goldman, producer, So. Calif.

Norm Gollin, graphic artist, So. Calif.

Sy Gomberg, film writer, So. Calif.

Balcomb Greene, painter, NYC

Stephen Greene, painter, NY

Robert Gwathmey, painter, NYC

E. Y. Harburg, writer, lyricist, NYC

Nat Hentoff, author, NYC

Crockett Johnson, artist, writer, Conn.

Millard Kaufman, writer, So. Calif.

Robert Kennard, A.I.A., architect, So. Calif.

Rockwell Kent, painter, graphic artist, NY

Gyorgy Kepes, painter, professor of visual deisgn, Mass.

Adolph Konrad, painter, NYC

Chaim Koppelman, graphic artist, NYC

Max Kozloff, critic, art editor, The Nation, NYC

Phil Leider, editor, ArtForum magazine, So. Calif.

Jack Levine, painter, NYC

Dwight MacDonald, journalist, NYC

Charles Mattox, sculptor, So. Calif.

Arnold Mesches, painter, So. Calif.

Robert P. Meyerhof, A.I.A., architect, So. Calif.

Jessica Mitford, author, No. Calif.

Lewis Mumford, writer, critic, Mass.

Tillie Olsen, author, No. Calif.

Gifford Phillips, associate publisher, The Nation, So. Calif.

Richard M. Powell, tv and film writer, So. Calif.

David Raskin, composer, conductor, So. Calif.

Anton Refregier, painter, NY

Carl Reiner, writer, director, So. Calif.

Ad Reinhardt, painter, NYC

Harold Rome, composer, NYC

Ed Ruscha, painter, So. Calif.

Robert Ryan, actor, NYC

Arthur Secunda, painter, sculptor, So. Calif.

Herman Shulmin, producer, NYC

Frank Silvera, actor, director, So. Calif.

Arthur H. Silvers, A.I.A., architect, So. Calif.

Louis Simpson, poet, winner Pulitzer Prize in American Poetry, 1964, No. Calif.

Whitney R. Smith, F.A.I.A., architect, So. Calif.

Raphael Soyer, painter, NYC

Stewart Stern, film writer, So. Calif.

David Stuart, art dealer, gallery owner, So. Calif.

Maurice Tuchman, curator, So. Calif.

Frederick J. Usher, graphic designer, So. Calif.

Robert Vaughn, actor, producer, So. Calif.

Geoffrey Wagner, novelist, NYC

Irving Wallace, author, So. Calif.

Lynd Ward, lithographer, writer, NJ

Charles White, painter, graphic-artist, So. Calif.

James Whitmore, actor, So. Calif.

Robert Wise, producer, director, So. Calif.

Tom Woodward, graphic designer, So. Calif.

Joseph Young, muralist, So. Calif.

Ned Young, film writer, So. Calif.


Source: reel N/69-101, Frame 82, Ad Reinhardt Papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian.

My goodness.  Look at all these other posts concerning what is currently called The Purple Crayon and a Hole to Dig: The Lives of Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss!  Or don’t look.  That’s up to you, really.

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