10 “Bests” from 2010

1. Best novel that I missed when it came out: Guus Kuijer’s The Book of Everything (Scholastic, 2006).  Narrated by a nine-year-old, this is an all-ages book about love, faith, and growing up.  It has a sense of humor, too.  I devoted a post to this book earlier in the month. 2. Album of the Year:

The Record

The Record: Contemporary ART and VINYL, edited by Trevor Schoonmaker (Duke University Press, 2010), is both beautifully produced and delightful to read.  Meditate on the photographs of phonograph-inspired art, or on the dozen or so brief essays, which are – to a person – all interesting.  No kidding.  I often just skip around in a book like

Blue Christmas

As noted in my last Christmas music post, I’ve made a lot of these mixes, each one different. Last year, I decided to make a mix of downbeat – even somewhat depressing – holiday music. This is it. 1. Blue Christmas Bright Eyes (2002)            2:22 Elvis’s version has been so overplayed that it’s no longer

Essential Holiday Tunes

Happy St. Nicholas Day!  For today’s treat, it’s the holiday tunes that no December should be without.  Well, in my humble opinion, anyway.  Over the past decade, I’ve assembled 9 or 10 different holiday mixes (all with completely different songs).  The idea for this mix is to include favorites from all of those mixes.  In

Halloween Mix VII: People Are Strange

As promised, it’s the seventh and final Halloween mix!  Ella Fitzgerald, the Doors, Talking Heads, Snob Scrilla, Flogging Molly, the National, and many others.  Hope you’ve enjoyed these mixes.  Happy Halloween! 1. Bewitched theme (1964)      1:02 The theme to the television sitcom (1964-1972) about a witch named Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), her husband Darrin